Executive Master Black Belt


Training and Certification Program of Study


EMBB Role Description

The Executive Master Black Belt (EMBB) is a business improvement leader that knows how to bring about beneficial change in product and service value; and do so in the least amount of time, at the lowest possible cost and with the highest levels of customer and provider satisfaction while, at the same time, sustain or reshape the organization's culture. In this context, the successful EMBB knows how to integrate and apply proven improvement strategies, tactics and methods into the daily operations of an enterprise. In short, the EMBB knows how to design and drive value-centric change in mid-sized and large-scale organizations to the benefit of the workforce, management and shareholders.


Furthermore, the EMBB is fluent in the language of business and possesses the acumen to make real-time connections between the economics of a corporation and its daily operations.  At the operations level, the EMBB can link measures of process capability to operational factors like product yield, system cycle-time, inventory and production volume.  At the process level, the EMBB knows how to connect critical product and service performance characteristics to the vital process variables that governs variability.


In addition, the EMBB possesses the critical thinking skills that are needed to work through a wide array of performance problems and key issues, as well as eliminate lingering non-value-added activities. Along these same lines, the EMBB knows how to effectively sell crucial ideas at all levels of an organization; and then successfully negotiate the critical resources needed to support mission success.


At the same time, the EMBB has the technical knowledge and on-the-job experience that is required to prepare future practitioners and instructors in the art and science of Business Process Improvement and Integrated Continuous Improvement. In short, the EMBB knows how to create value by leveraging crucial knowledge within work teams, as well as the organization at large. In this sense of the word, the EMBB knows how to drive improvement from the top down or from the bottom up. Most of all, the EMBB has the internal courage, disciplined persistence, system of values and driving passion to lead others in the quest for business excellence.​

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