Executive Master Black Belt



Training and Certification Program of Study

Alan LeDuc Testimony

In a nutshell, the SSMI Executive Master Black Belt Training and Certification Program moved me from “Good to Great.” With that said, allow me to explain why I believe this to be true.


As a practicing Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt for over 10 years, I was initially skeptical about how much I would be able to increase my problem skills (by virtue of the training). Needless to say, I learned many new highly effective methods and tools – to the point it made me question the adequacy of my original base of knowledge on the subject (Lean and Six Sigma).


With both an MBA and Master’s in Engineering, combined with over 20 years of service in all areas of manufacturing and engineering, it was absolutely amazing how much new knowledge I was able to acquire on the subjects of business management, process improvement and parameter optimization. The hands-on laboratory approach used by Dr. Harry to achieve this aim was priceless; and really drove the lessons home in a highly synergistic way. Without question, I can say that the structured Process Improvement Laboratory experiences greatly helped me connect my existing and new found knowledge to the real world.


In this sense, the laboratory assignments allowed me to hyper-compress time and discover the underlying algorithm of improvement. This is to say that, in a relatively short span of time, I was exposed to many types of process improvement problems, circumstances and solutions, but done so in a first-hand way (which made the learning feel highly personalized and help me see the commonalities). Without the laboratory experiences, it would likely take a typical professional an entire career to encounter the equivalent number and quality of “lessons learned.” No doubt about it, my abilities to solve problems was at least doubled if not tripled as a result of the training and laboratory experiences.


During the course of my professional career, I’ve also had the opportunity to serve as corporate Vice-President and General Manager of a multi-plant facility. From this perspective, the executive level training was equally impressive. For the first time in my management and leadership experience, I was able to more meaningfully and purposefully connect all the vital dots between process improvement, operations management and business level decision making. In a lot of ways, completing Dr. Harry’s program of study was like getting a supercharged MBA with a concentration in business process improvement.


Having previously taught manufacturing engineering and process improvement at the university level, I have always felt that my diversity in academic knowledge and experience has provided me an edge when tackling consulting projects. However, I was able to engrain some new academic theories with many practical applications, most of which I was able to test and validate during the course of Dr. Harry’s training. In this context, I was not only able to refresh much of my previous knowledge, but develop new insights far beyond my initial expectations. 


After the classroom and laboratory experience, I can now confidently say that the Executive Master Black Belt Certification is the “Ultimate Credential in Business Improvement Leadership.” In short, I received a level of professional value that was absolutely off the charts. Best of all, the realized value will bring me many, many benefits in my continuing pursuit of excellence.At days end, just the rare opportunity to learn directly from the foremost expert on Six Sigma; consultant to the world’s top executives; and one of industry’s top thought leaders is priceless. From this point of view, receiving the EMBB certification is a bonus.


Alan Leduc


Dr. Harry

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