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Executive Master Black Belt


Complimentary Webinar

What is the webinar about?


Dr. Mikel J. Harry, Co-Creator of Six Sigma and National Best Selling author opens the 30 minute webinar with a surprising look at the driving business needs that underpins the role of an Executive Master Black Belt (EMBB).  He then proceeds by exploring the core competencies and operational mission of an EMBB, all of which is set in context of value creation.  Following this, Dr. Harry explores the key responsibilities of an EMBB in the design, deployment, implementation, sustainability, and leadership of a business-centric integrated continuous improvement campaign.  A high point in the webinar is when Dr. Harry reveals the Top 10 Differentiators between a traditional Master Black Belt and that of an Executive Master Black Belt.  In light of today’s increasing marketplace demands, Dr. Harry discusses why an enterprise must now prioritize its energies and resources on the Quality of Business, not just the Business of Quality.



Who should attend the webinar?


Any Black Belt or Master Black Belt that seeks to fast-track their career and make substantial contributions to the growth and profitability of their sponsoring business.  In addition, business managers and executives will gain high-value insights into how they can take their respective enterprises to the next level.

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