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Training and Certification Program of Study

Training and Certification Program of Study

Admissions Process

Step 1: Program Application
Step 2: Application Review
Step 3: Program Registration
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Upon acceptance into the EMBB training and certification program, you are then eligible for class enrollment.  For program details and  questions, please contact Don Drury (see contact page).  Following this, you will need to contact Sandra Harry to fulfill your tuition requirement.

EMBB Program candidates will be selected by Dr. Harry.  Only those with solid credentials and meaningful project experience will be considered for enrollment.  The acceptance criteria is based on your admission form, resume and references, as well as a personal interview with Dr. Harry (if necessary).

The EMBB training program is highly exclusive and represents the ultimate certification in the business process improvement arena.  To apply for admittance, you must first complete the online EMBB program application form (see below).  The form will gather vital facts which will be used purposes of qualification.

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