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The Executive Master Black Belt (EMBB) training and certification program is designed to prepare existing Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts for leading an Integrated Continuous Improvement initiative. Of course, the aim of this type of initiative is to make substantial value-centric improvements in an organization's core business processes.


In this context, the EMBB program will provide you with the human and technical skills that are essential to successfully design and launch a top-down or bottom-up business improvement campaign that calls upon one or more methods that have been proven to facilitate mission success.  Such methods are inclusive of, but not limited to Six Sigma, Lean Practices, DFSS, TPS and so on.


The EMBB program is 4 weeks (20 days) in total duration, the program is comprised of two main elements; namely, the live classroom component (5 days) and the laboratory application experience (15 days). Naturally, these two key elements will play together to deliver you a deep and rich understanding of what it takes to successfully design, initialize, launch and sustain an integrated continuous improvement effort.


Program Duration = 5 Days Live Classroom + 15 Days Virtual Laboratory = 20 Total Days of Instructional Activity




The first week of your EMBB training is delivered onsite in Scottsdale, Arizona. Through classroom interactions, exercises and case studies, you will have the incredible opportunity to work with and learn from the Master of Six Sigma, Dr. Mikel Harry. Straight from Dr. Harry, you will learn his top tradecraft secrets that have never been published; yet proven to be extremely powerful in resolving a wide array of process and design problems.


In addition, you will learn new and exciting ways to effectively lead people, negotiate resources and discover how to sell your ideas to management. Furthermore, you will learn how to speak the language of business and make the critical connections to process improvements.  Moreover, you will learn how to better leverage your exiting base of improvement knowledge.  At the same time, you will discover how your new found knowledge (as a result of classroom instruction) can be integrated with your new business and inter-personal skills.  In turn, this provides for an incredibly powerful platform for creating exceptional value -- to the benefit of yourself, your company and your organization's customers.




During the last three weeks, you will be focused on a series of intense laboratory assignments that will require some independent work on your part. Then at the designated time, you will work with your respective team members in a virtual environment to bring all the pieces together. At the same time, Dr. Harry will meet electronically with each team on a scheduled basis to review, critique and guide the laboratory experience.


At the core of your laboratory experience is the Process Simulator, which is an extremely powerful life-like Excel based simulation of a typical process. Those individuals that have tackled the simulator and assigned problem have often remarked that it was one of the greatest learning tools that have ever experienced.  Using the simulator as a basis for data generation, the terminal goal is for your team is to maximize the output capability while maximizing input variation, but done so at the lowest possible cost and cycle time.


Through this challenging one-of-a-kind simulator you will be able to exercise your body-of-knowledge to its fullest.  Of particular interest, the laboratory experience will terminate with a virtual presentation to Dr. Harry. Your team presentation will illustrate the step-by-step analysis and consequential judgments your team made to solve the simulated problem.


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